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The transmission has evolved to be a complex machine. It ensures the power supplied by the engine is distributed accordingly. In case of repairs, it is best left for professionals to handle the repair and maintenance work as it is a highly complex machine. At Groat Road Auto Service, our technicians are trained and will provide reliable transmission work in Edmonton. Get your vehicle here now. 


These are large, complex machines and there are many ways it can have trouble. Often, it’s best to perform a transmission rebuild instead of repairing the complex problems. Our professionals will replace the worn out parts and ensure your vehicle is up and running again. 

When your transmission is in optimal condition, it ensures your vehicle performs better and also offers better mileage. In view of safe driving practice, it is best to get your vehicle checked by a professional. Our professional will deduce the type of work your transmission requires based on the severity of your vehicle’s breakdown. Some are straightforward in nature, but often it’s complex and needs expert hands.

Contact us for further information or schedule an appointment with us in case of a vehicle breakdown.


Minor disruptions can be a cause of worry, don’t ignore them.

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