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Scheduled maintenance ensures the longevity of your vehicle. Groat Road Auto Service offers regular maintenance and repairs in Edmonton. Prevent problems by scheduling a maintenance appointment with us today. We are right here in Edmonton to serve you. 

Our technicians are highly skilled and trained and will ensure your vehicle gets quality work. Stay on top of regular maintenance and repair work with our service. Regular maintenance saves you not only money but also time by identifying problems, if any, and then preventing them from causing further damage. Hence, ensure you are servicing your vehicle regularly.

If you notice a problem with your car’s suspension or radiator, get your vehicle to us immediately. Our technicians can work on them and more. We also handle muffler repair, alternator repair and so much more.

If you notice a problem with your vehicle, and want to get it repaired by an experienced professional, look no further than Groat Road Auto Service. We will do a thorough inspection and repair it for you. Contact us for all your maintenance and repair needs in Edmonton. We also provide immediate assistance in case of unexpected incidents. Call now.


Don’t let your tire suffer. Maintain them regularly.

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