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Avoid major headaches down the road by scheduling an automotive maintenance and getting your tires inspected. This ensures you save big and also prevents a breakdown. A tire connects your vehicle to the road and it is extremely important to maintain them in pristine condition. Improve the performance of your vehicle with quality tire repair and maintenance in Edmonton. 

Although you carry a spare tire around, tire maintenance is more than just that. When you get your vehicle checked often, it eliminates the necessity to replace the tire. Make sure tires are not a cause of worry when you’re driving.


At Groat Road Auto Service, we offer quality tire installation and effective tire maintenance solutions. Our technicians will keep your vehicle running smoothly and without hassles. During winter, the weather can literally break a tire. Worry not because we are here, serving you throughout. We install tires that will get you through slush, snow and even black ice. 

Loss of pressure in any tire is not uncommon. Vehicles come with a tire monitoring system and this keeps an eye on your tire pressure. If you feel your vehicle’s tire has lost too much pressure, come to us and we’ll fix it for you.


Owing to several factors, tires can wear out differently. Factors that include driving style, type of car and also weather conditions you drive in. Wear and tear in tires is common and hence it is recommended to get a tire rotation regularly. Avoid a huge tear in your vehicle’s tire by choosing us for your tire rotation needs. Our professionals will extend the lifetime of your vehicle’s tires.

An undetected wear and tear can also cause huge accidents. Regular tire maintenance can detect these problems and the professionals can fix them. At Groat Road Auto Service, we are proud to offer quality tire maintenance and repair work in Edmonton. Contact us for more information or schedule an appointment now. Do not take chances with your vehicle.


Complex machine problems should be handled by the professionals.

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